What happened to Mainstream Politics in Visegrád Countries?

Szombaton került megrendezésre a Bél Mátyás Intézet és a Wilfried Martens központ közös konferenciája, amely a “What happened to Mainstream Politics in Visegrad Countries?” címet viselte. A konferencia csúcspontja a visegrádi országok volt miniszterelnökeinek vitája volt, ahol arra a kérdésre próbáltak válaszolni, hol csúszhatott hiba a rendszerbe és milyen mértékben terheli felelősség az európai politikai vezetőket a mostani, poszt-igazságos társadalom kialakulásáért.


This conference aims to discuss origins and ongoing proliferation of politics known as populist, alternative, or even extremist in Visegrad countries – Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic – on the expense of so-called mainstream enter-right or center-left parties. The major intention is to discuss possible answer to the question What Happened to the Mainstream Politics in Eastern Europe, how it was transformed since the collapse of communism and particularly what happened to the mainstream since the incorporation of the former communist states to European Union.

We consider the recent reactionary move is Pan-European and even North Atlantic phenomenon. We nevertheless still hold there are specificities of East European politics that deserve far more attention that it is commonly assumed by analysts who tend to forget about this cultural legacy. Therefore, along with general incentives of ‘alternative’ politics such as crisis of leadership, the transformation of class-based politics from economic to ‘identity’ issues, or actual effects of the economic crisis, we aim to bring back the issue of post-socialist heritage that still seems to differentiate East European and West European mainstream politics.

The organization of the conference shall benefit from the discussion with leaders of formerly successful parties and movements, including former Prime Ministers, who contribute with their insider explanations with contributions of academics and intellectuals.


LEADERS PANEL: Have We Made Something Wrong?

Gordon Bajnai / Petr Pithart / Wlodimierz Cimoszewicz / Mikuláš Dzurinda

HISTORICAL-CULTURAL PANEL: Post-Truth Politics in Central Europe

Tomasz Zaryczki / Martin C. Putna / Jacques Rupnik / František Šebej / Ábel Ravasz / László Szigeti