CHINA – Questions for the 21st Century

On the 13th of November the Mathias Bel Institute, the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Pan-European University organized a panel discussion called CHINA-Questions for the 21st Century, where the main goal was to deeply analyze and discuss the actual questions of the development of the Chinese Economy itself.


Panel 1 – Is China a developing or a developed economy?

The first panel was hosted by Tomáš Dudás, Dean of the Faculty, our gests were Mr.Tamás Matura from the Corvinus University of Budapest and Matej Šimalčík, the director of Asian Studies at the Central European Institute. Both agreed that the main question is very complex, and there are no easy answers. At the same time they confirmed significant progress China made in the last decades both in economical and social fields. A very important topic of the discussion was the level of Global contribution of China in the worlds most important issues, the Climate change for example. In the third part the guests discussed the main challenges China has to tackle in the next Years. The panel was closed after the questions from the audience.


Panel 2 – Huawei – a normal private corporation or a political weapon?

The second panel was moderated by Mr.Tomáš Dudás once again. Three experts accepted our invitation, Mr.Pavol Draxler (specialist for Cybernetical Defense), Mr.Martin Sklenár from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of SR and Martin Thim, analyst from the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency. The main topic was the next generation of mobile data providers, the 5G internet and the security issues connected to. An important part of the topic was the Chinese giant Huawei, which is a Key player at the 5G market and also a very controversial company. All of the panelists agreed, that in the process of building the 5G network everyone should pay attention to the security risks, which brings a lot of question marks around the Huawei company. The discussion was boosted by a Huawei representative in the audience, who presented their view at the issue.